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Istiqbolli avlod

Our mission is to eliminate 
violence in society

About us

Republican social-information centre “ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD” (hereinafter – the Centre) was established in 2001 by a group of partial residents of Tashkent in the form of an information and education centre for the youth.


On the 12th of March 2018, the organization was re-registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan as the Republican social-information centre “ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD”. At the moment 10 regional branches of the Centre operate in 10 different regions of Uzbekistan.


Main activities:

  1. Prevention of human trafficking and other forms of violence and provision of social and legal services to the victims of human trafficking, migrants and vulnerable groups.
  2. Reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV among vulnerable groups by raising awareness of infections and providing social and legal services.
  3. Engaging the youth with the aim of activating them in prevention of human trafficking and other forms of violence.
  4. Expansion and strengthening of activities through the creation of offices of the Center in the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent city

Tashkent city, Mirabad district, Katta Mirabod street, 4th lane, 22

+99895 143 94 94

Tashkent region

Bukhara region

Bukhara region, Bukhara city, Navoi Shokh street, 35/4

+99895 514 94 94

Jizzakh region

Jizzakh region, Jizzakh city, Islam Karimov street, 136

+99891 197 94 94

Qashqadaryo region

Qashqadaryo region, Karshi city, Uzbekistan street, 221

+99895 301 94 94

Andijan region

Andijan region, Andijan city, Muqimiy street, 14

+99895 201 94 94


Qashqadaryo region

Qashqadaryo region, Karshi city, Uzbekistan street, 221

+99895 479 94 94

Samarkand region

Samarkand region, Samarkand city, Ko'k Saroy street, 1

+99899 529 94 94

Syrdarya region

Syrdarya region, the city of Gulistan, Saihun street, 39

+99895 290 94 94

Khorezm region

Khorezm region, Urgench city, Yoshlik street, 2

+99899 509 94 94

Republic of Karakalpakstan

Republic of Karakalpakstan, Nukus city, A. Shamuratova street 86

+ 99895 605 94 94

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