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Silver Age

The silver age is a late age starting from 55-60 years old.

Why is this problem so important nowadays?

The mankind is noticeably aging. By 2022, according to UNFPA it will exceed 1 billion.The aging of the population is a consequence of reduced fertility. Nowadays people are more concerned about the quality of their lives rather than about reproduction. Therefore, the age of women giving birth to a first child is growing every year. Today, on the average, this age has reached 25-30 years in the world. Due to such changes in the world demography, a unique phenomenon has appeared - young people cannot and do not want to take care of the elderly. Thus, people of the silver age are left all alone – their careers is are completed, their children have grown up.

The main problems of elderly people are:

• Loneliness

• Uselessness

• No demand on the labor market

• Lack of knowledge in modern technologies

Elderly people have young hearts

"Emergency" for people of the silver age is to preserve normal, full communication and to postpone their old age morally! The modern society needs wisdom and therefore in the elderly! Those who have already stepped over the 55-years old milestone first of all should be beware of abdication, laziness and idleness! Moreover, they should fight with own character, and not condemn the new generation, because looking back, one we can see that in the time of their own youth they were young and reckless. Openness and sociability are always attractive. Still, retirement is the time when finally you can afford doing things you love, find a hobby. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg ...

Nowadays we should actively work with its underwater part – namely, attitude toward the elderly in the society. It is not a secret that the young tend to neglect them. It happens that the elderly become victims of robberies, frauds; they are often declined necessary medical and social care. Struggling for the good things in life young people overlook the need to support those who are important for the society.

The main directions of the "Silver Age" program activities are:

Adaptation: acquiring knowledge, searching for mechanisms that would help elderly people accept new life conditions, learn how to flexibly respond to changes in the surrounding life, destroying internal stereotypes and patterns pertinent to that age.

Updating life experience: assistance in finding new spheres of their own application in the society: the program participants learn how to develop and implement various projects - from social and natural history to business and educational.

Self-realization:  Existing institutions on assistance to elderly in Uzbekistan - social services, veterans' clubs, etc. -are focused on the provision of material assistance to support health and organize leisure for the elderly; the latter herewith are placed in the position of passive "consumers", whose individual needs as well as peculiarities are not taken into consideration.

The educational activities in the framework of the «Silver Age» University imply:

• Active involvement choosing subjects of study,

• Ability to take the initiative,

• Development of creative skills and curiosity,

• Development of new fields of activities adequate to seniors’ present needs and today's time that would promote to seniors’ self-determination and self-realization,

• Need for communication: participation in the University program is built on the basis of group interaction and student’s communication,

• Training: conducting various activities, seminars, trainings, educational courses on different aspects of seniors’ lives: psychology, computer literacy, volunteering, economics, etc.


This program area will also involve volunteers and social workers trained within the framework of counter-trafficking and HIV prevention programs. Besides, there will be an independent search and training of volunteers from the senior’s community, who themselves will become organizers and participants of actions organized under this program area. Volunteers will conduct training on the issues of improving skills in the field of home-based care for disabled and weak seniors, and also will be monitoring the senior’s communication with their children and families.

Mid-term results:

• Improved life quality of at least 150 seniors through their active socializing.

• Established and operating University for seniors "Silver Age", where training and support in socializing of seniors is conducted on a regular basis.

• Increased level of home-based care for disabled and weak seniors.

• Increased number of services provided by seniors for their community members.



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