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Beware - human trafficking

Beware - human trafficking!

Human trafficking is a crime against freedom, honor and dignity of a person. It is a serious social problem, which represents a danger to the fundamental human rights: for life, for freedom of movement, and for protection from torture.

According to the UN, 700 thousand people annually fall into trafficker’s hands.

Traffickers’ goals are:

  • Involvement of victims in sexual exploitation
  • Use of slave labor
  • Removal of organs and tissues for transplantation
  • Illegal adoption


Who becomes victimы of trafficking most often?

Of course, one should note that victims find themselves in the hands of swindlers not because of a good life. Besides, all people, regardless of their gender, nationality and religion, can suffer from traffickers.


Why do people become victims of trafficking? 

  • Financial situation (unemployment, low level of education)
  • Number of unemployed women is higher than men, so women more often to get into trouble
  • Decline of morals (sexual attitude to minors is becoming a normal phenomenon)
  • Boosting a luxurious lifestyle (young people try to get money by any means)
  • Lack of strong family ties and support. Among the at-risk groups are: homeless people, graduates of orphanages, children from dysfunctional families.

How to avoid becoming a victim of trafficking?

  • Avoid tempting offers of casual acquaintances or friends about work, study or marriage abroad. Do not trust anyone your documents in any case.
  • As a rule, offers about fast, easy and big money do not conform to the reality. It is necessary to think realistically.
  • Enquire about the legitimacy of the activities of companies inviting you abroad, as well as mediating agencies cooperating with them (travel, marriage, employment and for arranging studies abroad). Search the address of a host company in the Internet.


! If you want to work or study abroad – make sure to:

  • Sign contracts with a host company at its representative office located in your country, but not after your arrival in a foreign country.
  • You should keep in mind that when applying to a company or agency providing opportunities for studies or employment, make sure that the company has a license for the relevant type of activities and is working legally. The original (not a copy) license must be visibly displayed in the office of the company.
  • Make sure that the contract is drawn up in the native language so that you can understand all its details and provisions. It should contain: full company name, its address, phone number, employer's name, name and location of the company agent.
  • It is necessary to sign two contracts:
  • With an employing company;
  • With an employer who takes the obligation to employ you in another country
  • Do not sign the contract immediately. Take it with you, re-read in a relaxed atmosphere and show it to specialists.
  • Note that terms of your future work (studies), place, time and amount of wages were clearly defined and marked. Also pay attention to the provisions regarding health care, accommodation, board.
  • If you are not satisfied with the terms of the contract do not sign it.
  • Make sure that the contract is signed by the company’s director or president. If the contract is signed an acting person, for example, by deputy director, vice president or another person, request to provide either documents confirming the eligibility of those persons for signing the contract, or the  director or president’s order, or a power of attorney (certified and stamped by a notary) .
  • Make a copy of the signed contract (preferably - of all documents) and leave it with your relatives or friends.
  • You can work in another country only with a work visa, thus you should not accept offers about illegal part-time jobs or a trip with a tourist visa.
  • It is recommended to make copies of your passport, tickets and store them separately from the originals. It is necessary to leave full information to your family about your intended whereabouts abroad, report the address and phone number of the company, arranging your travel abroad, and also the names and passport details of its management. Prior to the trip it is necessary to agree with your family upon a word or phrase that will mean that you are in danger and need help. There can be emergency situations (in case of kidnapping, forcible confinement), when the telephone conversation takes place under the control of criminals, and the only way to let your family know that you need help is to insert that passphrase. It should be a very simple phrase that will not cause suspicions with offenders.
  • You should also pay attention to the discrepancy between the promised wages (too high), and the job to be performed.
  • You should not agree to offers about covering your travel expenses, accommodation, meals, with the ability to pay for everything later on upon starting working on the spot.
  • Special caution should be taken to the ads with the following content: - "Waitresses, dancers, strip dancers, etc. jobs for young girls. No special training required. Travel, insurance, accommodation are paid by the employer "," High wages", and also to such ads where there is only a cell phone number and no phone number and address of the hiring company.


The main thing is to know that even being in trouble you can always get out of that difficult situation!

First of all, victims are provided with reintegration (recovery) assistance:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Psychological assistance

Moreover, at present the plan for victims’ further rehabilitation is being carried out - vocational training and job placement.

It is always important to know that you are not alone in trouble!



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