Dear Friends!

Today, on May 16, the Republican Social Information center "Istiqbolli Avlod" turned 17!

17 years of ups and downs, victories and defeats. 17 years of persistent and well-coordinated work to improve the life of our society, in conjunction with numerous partners, friends and simply with those who are not indifferent to the prosperity of our country!

And today, "Istiqbolli Avlod" is the best specialists in the field of jurisprudence, social work, psychology. These are the best experts in the field of human trafficking, recognized in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad. This is a well-coordinated team of people, who work day by day and strive to help all those people in need. It is the largest non-governmental organization in the Republic of Uzbekistan focused on counteracting human trafficking both in the capital and outside it.

"Istiqbolli avlod" is a big family. A family of indifferent, industrious, purposeful, sympathetic and loving people! The family created 17 years ago by our deeply respected Chairman Nodira Karimova and Deputy Chairman Shokhida Kasimova.

Happy Birthday, Istiqbolli Avlod! Happy Birthday, our beloved family!



News and Success Stories

March 16, 2018

From today we are the Republican Social Information Center “Istiqbolli Avlod”!

Dear friends! We are proud to share with you the great news! From today we are the Republican Social Information Center “Istiqbolli Avlod”! Today is the […]
February 26, 2018

Preparation for a new project on the information campaign with the financial support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  The preparations for the launch of the information campaign that we will organize and conduct with our dear Volunteers have started successfully. In our Center, […]
December 20, 2017

Final Conference “Combating Human Trafficking: Best Practices on Reintegration”

On December 19-20, 2017, a Final Conference “Combating Human Trafficking. Best Practices on Reintegration” was held, on the results of the project “Reintegration for Trafficking Survivors” […]

Our main goal for all these years has been the desire to contribute to the development of our country through participating in programs and projects for the protections of public interests, building a healthy life style and developing a human rights culture in the society. I do appreciate the work of each member of the staff. I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us for all these years and people who has just joined us! I'm glad to express my gratitude to our partners as well. Your trust and support makes me believe that together we can manage everything and new achievements are awaiting us ahead, because we are not just a team, we are a family!

- Director of Tashkent City Social-Information Center “Istiqbolli Avlod”
Nodira Karimova